Unit Costs

If you would like to help us with the server, website and teamspeak costs you can use the button below to donate your preferred amount to the unit budget.

You can use Paypal for one-time donations to seraphdelos@gmail.com

For monthly donations you can either use Paypal or Patreon.

Donors receive Teamspeak tags based on their donation tier. Donations are what keeps the unit going and growing, we appreciate every small amount towards our monthly goal. Anything left extra at the end of the month will be set aside for the next months or be used to fund other community-related activities.

The Donor Tiers are as follows, all numbers are the MINIMUM amount to achieve a certain tier:

Bronze Tier - $2

Silver Tier - $5

Gold Tier - $10

Platinum Tier - $25

Diamond Tier - $35

Top Donor - Open Ended