Situation: NATO intelligence suggests the coup that took place in Saudi Arabia during our recent deployment had originated and was based on a remote island in the Persian Gulf.

Saudi investigations suggest a number of their generals shifted allegiances due to a difference in approach and looked to get funding and field support from neighbouring countries including Iran. This support included a lease on a former British air station located on a remote island in the region.

This air base includes 3 airfields scattered around the set of islands mostly close to nearby cities.

The region is still home to a large number of civilians who have no dog in this fight. They are not fans of a western presence while at the same time opposing regional conflicts especially ones taking place near their home.

During interrogations done by our Saudi counterparts some prisoners talked about the remote island being used as a testing ground for a ground-breaking weapons system that would ultimately shift the balance in Iran’s favour.

Goes without saying that such a shift is not in our interest or our allies. Which is why finding as much intel as we can regarding the laboratories, testing grounds and their effects is our main objective while present on Kerama.

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