Situation: Operation Red Frost may have come to an end sooner than expected but it gave us a glimpse into the real reason for the Russian’s aggression and expansion towards Norway.

Vidda’s invasion was a distraction. While NATO was busy defending itself against the expansion, Russians used Vidda’s northern region as a logistical hub to move infrastructure and forces towards the north-east edges of Greenland where they plan on building and taking over key drilling sites.

We have been assigned to put a halt to their operations in Greenland.

As of this writing, OPFOR is unaware of our departure from Vidda and is under the impression all US forces are still held up with NATO, securing key sites on Vidda. Which means we have the element of surprise.

POTUS has ordered Carrier Strike Group 13 (CVN-83 LINCOLN, CVN-84 REAGAN, USS ENDURANCE) to relocate north-west of Greenland in the Arctic Ocean.

At this point in time OPFOR does not hold an airfield in the region which means most of their presence will be on the ground. However with their hub still intact on Vidda, we will be expecting a response from them via air.

Our intel suggests they have already built drilling and defensive infrastructure in the region, both on land and sea. The mountainous terrain provides them with multiple radar blind spots and cover which makes ground operations on both sea and land a necessity.

We are expecting a few operations on and below water, possibly to sabotage underwater communications and support equipment. Also worth mentioning is a friendly-built oil rig that has been taken over by OPFOR and is to be secured during our presence.

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