Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Situation: Virolahti is the southeastern-most municipality of Finland on the border with Russia. Finland is an active participant in NATO’s Enhanced Opportunities Partnership meaning they are not a full member of NATO but do benefit from Collective Defence. They have recently reported a spike in border crossings from Russia, mostly in large waves. Border security has been overwhelmed by the volume and have lowered inspection standards to keep up with the flow. Recent inspections and checks have uncovered small shipments of arms and ammunition being hauled across the border in pieces. The suspicion here is that a hostile faction has been smuggling arms, explosives and even heavy weaponry across the border in pieces to stay below the radar and not attract too much attention. We are operating based on the assumption that this hostile force is assembling and collecting a large arsenal of heavy and light weapons in preparation for a large scale assault. Enemy's Most Likely Course Of Action (EMLCOA) is to annex Virolahti on the model of Crimea. We are here to gather intelligence and proof. Once we do, NATO will authorize a NATO Response Force operation which we will be a part of along with regional allies. Until the operation is officially authorized all engagements are to be kept to a minimum to avoid escalation. Only fire if fired upon.

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