To: Task Force Spectre

From: S.Delos

Date: 03/24/2018

This memo contains updates and feedback on our first campaign.

I hope all is well! Thank you so much for contributing your time in Operation Blue Kraken. Our first campaign was a slow start. However, in the end, we finished the campaign with a blast. I hope you guys were able to create some memories that will last for a long time — for example, driving into the town disguised and launching an attack from the fire station. Another great example, running towards my team while an airstrike occurs.

I wish to continue these types of memories and bonding between players in the next campaign. With little intel and command structure, I must say the squad leaders and assistance squad have been doing an outstanding job on accomplishing tasks together. Operators in each team have been blending into each other's play style is beautiful. I wish to see more trainings done like this weekend or mini-ops as training. This training was the first step in allowing operators to learn about each other and their skill. As more training and operations are conducted, learn from and each other. As the unit pushes to be public, please leaders and operators be more open and accepting to new operators. Be sure to keep them included! We want them to create their own crazy and awesome experiences for them to share. I believe everyone can gladly say that this campaign was not the best. It had its ups and downs. The map was pretty badly optimized. J3 will be taking their time ensuring to make sure these types of issues will not happen. However, Ensign S.Delos is open to feedback. Please send him your concerns or suggestions. I suggest posting your suggestions or concerns on the forums allow the community to speak its opinions. At Task Force Spectre, we encourage open discussion from anyone in the unit. We accept criticism and feedback from anyone in the unit that is willing to improve our community. Once again, I hope everyone had a blast! I encourage more bonding between squad members and other parts of the community!


This section will reveal updates that have occurred and put in place.

-Our first campaign was four weeks longs.

-A beta server with vanilla Invade & Annex mission is on the server. Our mod pack will be compatible with this mission soon.

-Different Specializations that able to get have been posted.

-Keep an eye out for a mod pack update and patch notes.

-New map!

-Be sure to have your points in order. If any points are not correct, please contact J1 - Personnel and Administration


Goodbye Mogadishu!

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