To: Task Force Spectre

From: S.Delos

Date: 04/05/2018

This memo reveals the new training map for Task Force Spectre to utilize.

Check out the trailer video here:

Hello! Hope you’re surviving another workweek. Command has decided to move Task Force Spectre off of Wake Island. They agreed that the task force needed a challenging terrain for the boys and a more open area to conduct training. We will be moving training gear and courses to a different location to help us train as a unit more effectively. The unit will land at Fort Helios on March 06, 2019 12:00 PM EST.

Fort Helios will provide the best military equipment, personnel, and facilitates training that fit Task Force Spectre's needs. Some of the officers have already reached Fort Helios. They have taken some pictures to share with the unit. They say these locations may be possible areas for future courses and training.

Once proper documentations is correct for everyone, Fort Helios's administration will help the active members in the task force with purchases on cars, housing, and license in the future. I know for a fact I am buying my custom curry restaurant. I personally can not wait to leave Wake Island! Be sure to put on your clean pair of underwear and M81 uniform boys. We have a bunch of work and fun to come!

Welcome to Fort Helios!

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