Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Task Force Spectre was founded on November of 2018, however was officially opened to the public on April 1st 2019.

The concept of Spectre was originally laid out by a small group of people in a previous Mil-Sim community who have had years of experience working together on different projects for that community. All of us at that point had multiple years of Mil-Sim experience under our belts.

While we all had been members of the same community for over 18 months, we always felt like something was missing from our experience. We wanted variety, options and choices. Which was mainly why we started discussing a possible layout, an idea, of how we can provide lots of variety while at the same time preserving the order and stability.

After weeks of discussion, we settled on an idea: To combine the best of the best this game has to offer. An idea that would give everyone the chance to feel like they belong to something. An idea where no one had to settle. It was there, that Task Force Spectre was born. The way we saw it, every other community out there asked their members for a compromise between what the members wanted and what the community as a whole needed. So we decided to combine those two interests in one so that no one was forced to do something they were not interested in.


We started looking at already existing layouts. We'd been in Army-, Navy-, Air Force- and Marines-based communities before. While almost all of us enjoyed every second of it, it wasn't enough. We wanted something bigger.

So we discussed the possibility of combining the best of 3 branches: Army, Navy and Air Force.


Task Force Spectre combines the best of these 3 branches in a seamless way. Absolute coordination and cooperation were the standards we started with and will remain the standards we will work towards at every turn.

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