Updated: Sep 27, 2019

This unit is one of the youngest on the current market that is the ARMA community. We have been around for less than a quarter of a year, and even so only in a conceptual - fetal almost - state. In less than a week we gathered together many more people than was ever expected, and quickly TFS became a name that spread like a wildfire between old friends, teammates and members, both current and past from various communities. All of this was achieved in an almost inconceivably short amount of time. The history of the name TFS, and the adjoining unit, is limited - yet the unit as a whole has plenty of history. History of friends that had played together before. History of teammates that had worked together - and fought together. History of members that had been once united, and then separated throughout various shorter or longer lived ventures in the aforementioned ARMA community. The result of this was that a unit, no more than a mere infant, suddenly stood strong and proud - like the toddler had grown overnight to an adult.

I, however, don’t want to talk about our history. There are endless stories about previous operations, mishaps, awesome feats - and certain leaders. These tell only the tale of how we got to where we are. Hindsight is always 20/20, and one cannot forget about their mistakes, lest they make them again, but we also cannot live in the past, and hence must too look forward. That is what I want to talk about today. Our future. The vision of what we are aiming for with yet another ARMA unit.

Tenacious. Fierce. Subtle. - Unit motto/cheesy obvious analogy to the task force abbreviation. This is what I will base my outlook on.

Tenacious. (Persistent or determined.)

Failure is not an option. - The mission must be completed. By that standard we insert into the battlefield. Most of us have worked by those words before, and succeeded. We have been virtually beaten, pounded and hammered with artificial adversaries and pixelated pain. We will continue to do this. Time and time again. Not because we have to, but because we want to. The consequence of not fulfilling your duties is no more than a simulated nuclear holocaust in a fictional land far far away. Yet we show up. What matters more than our drive to complete the individual mission is the drive to come back training after training, op after op and campaign after campaign. With this we can move this unit forward. We improve ourselves, we improve our relations with each other and we improve the group by growing closer together. We have plenty of this drive. With it we will strive for the best and as a a result - thrive.

Fierce. (Strong and powerful.)

War. War never changes. - That basic principle will likely stay true for centuries to come, at least on a theoretical plane, but one aspect most certainly changes. Technology. Technology that gives us the advantage, that disrupts our enemy and that lets us smite down those who stand in our way without hinder or hesitation. War is not fair, and we like to keep it that way. It’s our mission to win, and we will use any means necessary to complete that. Using the full might of our military power we will fight the battle as uneven as we can. A fair fight is a stupid fight, and we will live true to that. It pays to be a winner.

Subtle. (Not loud, bright, noticeable or obvious.)

Forward in the night. - The best way to not get shot is to not be there at all. Appearing out of nowhere is likely the unfairest of advantages we can have over an opponent. A proper sucker punch in the gut. Using stealth as our sharpest blade, we will aim to strike targets surgically. A combination of surprise, unified tactics and an overwhelming arsenal will aid us in defeating any virtual warlord or animated antagonist.

Now, let’s be honest. How much will this text change in how you act or play? Nothing, likely, but the intent is to illustrate what is to come, and to give you an idea of what to expect from staying with us. These factors rely mostly on unit command and operations personnel to function, but it is up to all of us to live up to these expectations, and make our operations come to life.

NVG check, suppressors on, and mount up!

Message over.


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