Task Force Spectre is a SMU of the United States Armed Forces. Based on a fictional version of JSOC,​ our goal is to combine the best of the best and create a fun and immersive experience.

We operate a fully functional and realistic Aircraft Carrier along with its Air Wing. When it comes to variety, ours is unmatched among the Arma 3 Mil-Sim community.

Artwork by @MonkaS


A team of highly skilled Navy SEALs specializing in direct action, special reconnaissance and lightning raid tactics.


Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) elements. Combat search and rescue and joint terminal attack control.


Army CAG serviced by a squadron of Nightstalkers. Utilizing lightning-raid and air assault tactics


Carrier Air Wing 8 plus an attached squadron of Nightstalkers.

Carrier Operations with Carrier Air Traffic Control and Deck Crew.


Task Force Spectre Headquarters. Command elements along with a team of experienced Game Masters under the J3 Team to curate operations.

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